Friday, May 27, 2011

Old Sliver

Today I came across my old silver rings and bracelets and other silver stuff. Silver that has turned black. The rings I wore as a teenager.. stuff that defined my spirit then. I always liked gray more than golden. It has a depth I used to say.

One particular rose ring that a silversmith created for me and a silver pen; I found them again today after a couple of years. I keep them such that I find them again after every some while. It reminds me of those times I wore silver. The younger me had more layers sometimes I feel. Silver would make me feel that the metal is able to reflect those dark corners in my mind, those blanks in my sentences, those poems I left incomplete. The gray said it all about me.

Today sometimes I find that old silver and wear a ring or two for sometime. Every time I keep it back. It doesn't return the spirit I once had. It only gives me a memory of what I was.