Tuesday, March 03, 2009


The flowers make me wonder how they would look in paint, on a paper. For a beginner, with no clue on colors they would teach him shades. I saw them at the backdrop of a hotel. Rows and colonies of them in one color pink and a mix, like a colorful palette.

The flowers take me to places I have never been. The purples take me to the Dal lake in Kashmir and set me afloat a shikara. The reds take me to a rock castle and a huge garden spread like a red carpet at the mammoth entrance. The white ones set me free like the cotton flying free from the pod. The yellows take me to the forest from my dreams where the flowers bloom, waterfall at its heart ..a place where you find the secret door to the light blue sky, hidden behind the green veil of the green creepers.

The flowers take me to the Ganga as the water gives the flowers their mokasha as they fall from the hands of the worshiper , as the river reaches them to the shore unseen to our eyes, untouched by our feet.