Friday, June 26, 2009


Run like the wind
on the blades of the green grass
like the wild horse
run like you have grown wings

Across borders
and the Himalayan range
Close your eyes
reach where you cannot

rain like a bullet
in your back
with that pounding heart

Saturday, June 06, 2009

All it takes is love

I called her after 10 years. She was my school friend once. She recognised my voice. We both were happy to hear we had become wives now. We talked about our hubbies and how we had met them.

Ordinary day it seemed till I had spoken to her. After that conversation I was left smiling and content. I was happy doing the routine things at work. I was full of interest talking to the same people I meet every day at work.

In the last few months I have found my long lost friends. Some of them I got to talk to after 17 years! The experience is emotionally very satisfying. The people who you thought were lost and forgot a long time back, suddenly, destiny makes them and you cross each other's way again. People you knew when you were a child seem to leave an imprint on your mind. Years come and go. New people come into your life. You share a lot more with these people. As a teenager or an adult you have much more to you than you had to you when you were young. Maybe..

Mind is a slate , you can write the most on it when it has space. It must be true. You always find a way to your childhood. It is by returning to the people. It's not about meeting them again and calling them every single day after that. No. You moved on and yet left a piece of you there. It's about only calling them once and listening to their story. They didn't leave a vacuum when they left you. It's like finding a very old book after a long time. You don't need it. But you touch it, turn a couple of makes you feel content in that moment. You keep it back again. Maybe for you to find it some other time.

All it takes is love..When you are young, your heart is more open. It appreciates and loves almost every experience that comes it's way.