Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Small House

My old life came knocking at my door
Hesitantly, I welcomed it in
My small room grew even smaller
The old life did not come alone
It brought the pages of my past along
The pages looked crumpled and old
But I had no trouble reading the blur lines
Etched on my mind and heart
All those lines became voices
I needed to blur it all
I needed it to fade away
I closed my eyes shut
The faces became clearer
My hand sought the cigarette packet
Unsteady hands lighted the match
The smoke around my nostrils now
Failed to blanket me
I killed the cigarette finally
Pushed the door open
Left my old life alone in my small house ..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Losing Battle

Why do I fight a losing battle?
Why do I try to swim against the current?
I know I am so ordinary
I know I might lose
Lose all I have
Yet I fight yet another losing battle

Why do I try?
Why do I put my heart at stake?
I know it will leave me scarred
I know it will never heal
Yet I fight yet another losing battle

It all goes back to that day..
Pandora freed that feeble ray
It’s the Hope!
It makes me take yet another plunge
It makes me forget I cannot swim
It makes me believe
And, I fight yet another losing battle

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Fallback Cushion

Everyone needs a fallback cushion
Once in a while everyone does
Someone to break your fall

To watch your steps,
To just walk behind you
Everyone needs a fallback cushion
Once in a while everyone does

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

“I need to fight myself first”

Why? It confuses me. Why do people fight with themselves? Can’t there be some peace? Why is everyone at war? I was at war once. I did fight myself too. But, war never puts insecurities at peace.

Peace puts all the fears at peace. The moment is to be lived. Not be fought against or for. When the sand castle becomes sand, just fold your arms and look at how it loses itself. The crumpling structure will give you peace. Why do we try to save the sand castle? The waves will wash it away in the end. Let it become sand. Don’t fight. Don’t restrain the sand in the form of a castle. Set it free. Set every grain of the sand free.

Your sand castle has to undergo a metamorphosis. Let it happen peacefully. The sand grains will otherwise have to fight for their liberation. Instead, you liberate them, before they decide to break free. Detachment doesn’t come easy. But detach you must.

The fight arises because you refuse to float in the stream of life. Then the strong water current will wash you away. Either you suffocate, gasp, and try to build a dam to lock the water or let it become a Niagara Fall for you.

A Fight never has a possibility of victory. It is forceful and violent. There is a fight, because your mind has grown.. But, we are too scared to accept it. Don’t pin your mind down. Please don’t fight.. Make peace instead. Peace is a difficult emotion. But once you conceive it… the fight will end forever..