Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The traffic light melts

The lane blurs at the bend
the traffic light melts
like a color of a painting
under the droplet
the traffic light melts

The sea and the rain
the song of the wind
it touches my face
sometimes as the wind does
sometimes as the sea does
sometimes as the rain..

Thursday, September 11, 2008


In their country they say Insha'Allah..I like the sound of it too. I also say Insha'Allah. It means God's Wish. So, as we entered the Police Station my aunt said Insha'Allah. I liked the sound of it too.

When you do not know what would happen or when you are to choose and you can't ,God's wish does sound reassuring. The questions in my head subsided with that Insha'Allah. It was my first visit to the Police station. Passport. With all that I have heard, read about the Police, I have a perception that they are ill-mannered, unwilling to help,unapproachable, rude people. So I went to the station expecting trouble and an unfinished job. It wasn't a question of such gravity. But it was a question. Will they give me trouble? What are the Police like?

I entered the Police Station with ease. Insha'Allah. The worst that could happen here is they refuse me a passport or make me fill the form again. It wasn't as bad a scenario. But here I realized, some questions in life which tend to give us sleepless nights or questions that give us disturbed sleep would be much easier to bear if we remembered to include phrases like Insha'Allah when we voiced them silently in our minds.

The conquest towards the choice of yes or no, the time spent on predicting a Yes or a No ends with God's Wish. Every choice is not a mere choice. Silence or voice. Forget or Forgive ..or both. I hear me or I hear you. I listen to me or I listen to you. Us or them.

When I wish I wouldn't have to answer, it would be a relief to realize it isn't my choice it's a God's wish.