Saturday, November 29, 2008

My city bled

It's been a long wait. I really wish it to be over now. It's been years that Mumbai has waited. The city runs in our blood. Time and again, it repeats itself. The long wait continues for us everytime..for our loved ones to be freed of this torture, of the belief that Mumbai is a place where when one goes out and she might not return back home.

The stranger I can relate to so well -she is like me.Mumbai runs in her blood too. The stranger suffers..and my heart breaks.Three officers laid down their lives. I don't know them well. But, my heart breaks. I want it to stop now.

I don't know the people in Nariman house either.But, their house seems so like mine. It disturbs my sleep. I cannot imagine my city like that..with people with guns running about our home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It flames red with life

I feel like a bird who walked all the distance till here just to know I have wings.
The gulmohar tree, it flames red with life when the other trees don't.
The star rises in the lonesome sky to steal its moment with the dark blue sky.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tear becomes a dew drop with the touch of leaf. With touch, it becomes the tear that fills the ocean and makes it whole. Tear becomes a rain drop with the touch of earth. Under the rising sun, on the blade of newborn grass the droplet announces coming of a season.

With the touch of his finger tear comes alive and speaks of those thousand words words could not speak ..of love, hope and peace.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small wonder

It's not a dent in that silver idol. It's just a black spot on silver. It can be washed clean.

The wedding shopping for a woman begins with buying a silver idol of Goddess Parvati. I started mine with the Parvati with her straight backbone and lean posture. Then days later one aunt noticed a defect, a dent in the idol. My mother like any other believing mother took the dent on the idol to her heart. Deep inside the dent did disturb me a bit too. Though I did not give it a conscious thought.. Mother decided to change it and get a new one. This was months later and I had finished most of my other shopping till then..Parvati was the first thing I bought and I wanted her to stay with me. So what she had a defect in her. But then you shouldn't keep a defective idol they say. So I kept quiet and agreed to getting a new idol.

Mother decided to change her and yet couldn't make it to the shop a couple of times. Finally, the festival of lights danced at every window. Laxmi puja. I had the most bright Diwali this Diwali. Love lights you up like nothing else does.

This was the first Laxmi Puja I attended; where I could understand the woman my mother always spoke to me about. Ideology that talks about the strength of the woman, the divinity of her idol in all her temples made perfect sense to me. Maybe because I have grown now and can identify with her more now.

The marigold saffron, the rangoli creeper green, yellow of the earthen lamps. First time in my life as I bowed my head in front of her under the Diwali lights I saw another head bend down in rhythm with me.I smiled.

The day became a beautiful night by the time I went back home. Mother said she could not go to the shop again. I spoke to her about the Laxmi Puja. Then suddenly I picked up the Parvati idol and it struck me that the idol is not defective. It is just a black spot, silver getting blackish over time.

Mother and me , we had a spark in our eye as we saw the flawless figurine shine under water.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Can time stand still a bit?

Can time stand still a bit? I want to touch every pixel in the image. I want to see every second before it becomes a minute. Sometimes when you find a book you love to read you don't want to turn a page.

The magic happens just. You cannot see it being born one spark at a time. Yet you know the miracle for a miracle for just that.