Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I don't know what life was like before I became a mother on 18th May, 2010. I used to blog then.. and if nothing at all I miss that element of my earlier life a lot. I will not blame it on time or the toddler who was a baby once for not letting me blog. Some experiences are too fulfilling and leave no space for words to fill in and explain how it felt.

I can't explain the tear that rolled down my cheek when I heard my son's first cry.

I can't explain how good it feels..

But blog I will..whenever I can.

It takes strength to create and stupidity to devastate. The waves called me out. I have been listening to their rhythm every night. The waves missed the rhythm of my beats. Long hair open, running free like the ocean foam grey in the midnight. Feel of the sand under my feet again..footprint or no footprint..I was there at the sea last night.