Sunday, September 13, 2009


When you hear from someone you used to know sometime long back in your life, it also means you meet yourself from another time. You left yourself behind to become the new you. It's not like you are sad about who you are now. It's only about how you wish you could have also retained the old you.

Sometimes it is also about how you could have done better then. The situation you were in that time and thought it to be boring and now treasure as a memory; you wish you could have done better. Today my harmonium teacher visited my parents place. He knew he wouldn't get to meet me. He knows I am married. He is 80 years old.I didn't have his contact details and couldn't invite him for wedding.

I spoke to him on phone. He was happy to hear about how I was doing. Then said that I sound the same I used to in school. I shouldn't have given up on music. To make him feel better I said I would sometime in my life pursue it again.

I know that person they are talking about. I remember the old yellowish picture.I know those fading black lines too well. If I hold a pencil again, I will be able to trace the lines.