Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bizarre Blizzard

Just round the corner
Like a bizarre blizzard
She moved into my life

I was pretty unsure
Of the colorful beads
Of the silver trinkets
Her mistimed laughter
Her thoughts all a muddle
Like a fuzzy maze
Something in her eyes
Placid as the glacier
Fluid as the falls

Under the crazy hail
I spread my wings
The invisible talisman
“It’s a blessing from above.”
The hypnotic voice rambles

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Figurine

Today, I went to a sari shop. Yes, I wanted to buy one for myself. The reason wasn’t what it typically, necessarily is for women generally.

On my pastel, dull looking t-shirt the guy placed the deep purple, layered cloth. I was supposed to be seeing myself in the mirror and letting the sari decide if it could look beautiful on me. Instead, I was looking at the kid sitting there majestically in front of the mirror, playing with her hair, bringing them on her eyes, combing them back and forth with her imaginary comb.

I stepped a little closer to the mirror. The guy needed me to judge the sari. The kid looked up at me and smiled shyly. I smiled too, shyly. We had caught each other unawares. I saw the kid’s desire to become the woman, she imagined of, with long hair. She saw my desire to become the woman, I imagined of. ..

Then I looked up, at myself. From the pale blur pastel to the deep purple, it was quite a change in me.. I could see. In that moment, my mind raced back to the figurine of HER in that far off place. The image of the woman in that distant temple changes the whole world around me or at least assures me that I can possibly change the world around me someday.

Maybe like the little woman with her imaginary long hair I was living an imagination too, with that piece of cloth.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I cannot belong

The best friend said
It is the end
I said fight
Please don’t go away
But, I was not worth the struggle
She gave up on life,
hers and mine.

Then he packed his bags
I said please don’t burden yourself
Too many stuffs, let me carry the load
He said no, all the baggage is mine
I leave nothing behind

at a crossroad
someone was walking alone
Terribly lost,
I decided to walk with the stranger.
our steps fell in rhythm

yet another crossroad
as much I wanted to stand by him
He wouldn’t stand by me
He said, “Life is too long
I cannot belong.”

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Many Endings

He said he had many endings
I smiled..
That meant there had been beginnings too

The question pricked at my mind
Like the thorn cutting through my flesh

Who is the unlucky one?
The one with many endings
Or the one who never saw a beginning

Is the one winged eagle ill fated?
Is the chained prisoner luckier?

The sun ceased to rise
It said it feared the night
The writer ceased to write
He said in the end the world would end

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Salvaged ..

Like a vulture, thirsty for death
I hovered my dying dream
Eager to see it gasp for the last breath

My dream looked abandoned
Like an outcast in its own world
We sat there together
My dream and me

The dream was clutching onto me
Or maybe it was the other way round
That moment came soon enough
The dream became breathless
And I was choked

The vulture in me gave up then
The Satan in me lay there dead
The tiny shred of hope
The One sign from the ONE

My dream salvaged me
Like the phoenix it rose from ashes

Monday, September 03, 2007

If it makes you happy

If it makes you happy
I will silence all the words.
If it makes you happy
I will walk the distance alone

If it makes you happy
I will lose every fight
If it makes you happy
I will be the shooting star

If it makes you happy
I will lose my way
If it makes you happy
I will not believe

If it makes you happy
I will sacrifice faith
If it makes you happy
I will lose hope

If it makes you happy
I will let the fate take over
If it makes you happy
I will let the world win

If it makes you happy
I will become their prisoner
If it makes you happy
I will walk to the edge