Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Empty Page

When you just want to write and there's nothing to write about and you think you will just have to leave the page blank..You end up writing something very beautiful sometimes. Then the empty page becomes a leaf in your diary or a leaf in your life.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Moment

This particular moment visits me sometimes. I don’t like this moment. It scares me. I dread it. The walls close down on me. They corner me. I feel suffocated. Lost. Lonely. Helpless. Weak. And , I feel like leaning on somebody else. I just want somebody, anybody to lead me through this moment. I gulp. My mouth goes dry. My eyes go moist.

There are people around me. But nobody sees the tear hiding in my eye. I don’t want anybody to see it. Like the bird shot in the heart, I lose control. I can’t navigate the trajectory anymore. It’s a free fall.

I know it’s only a moment. It will pass. It just has to. I close my eyes and wait. I learn to enjoy the thrill this free fall brings.