Saturday, July 19, 2008

I grow up instead

Memory of the giant wheel
Rainbows in my grasp
wind in my wind wheel
My childhood

The fairy in the tale
I grow wings too
claps everybody I know
and everybody I know not
As I dance away

Memory of the knot
Not the pink bow on my frock
The knot in my hungry belly

I do not become a fairy
I grow up instead
The blood droplet
The pin pricks me
as I pin the wing
To your rainbow wind wheel

I grow up instead


Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said...

very gud...and beautiful, depressing and more words...

Saibal Barman said...

The feeds did not feature in my blog so I reach here delayed...
As usual a fantastic reflection...
Eventuality is that we bear a passion for growing up, which carries us long to an illusory horizon and we end up in learning that we have truly grown up to wipe off the sweet fragrance of innocent freedom of childhood.
Our existence soon vanishes into the eddy of conflicting emotions of triumph and defeat !
Best wishes,