Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I wish

I wish I could camouflage

Mix and dissolve in the mass

With no distinct me

I wish I could never talk

make my words unheard and lost


The Introvert said...

Sometimes identity gets painful
and we tend to dissolve;
but the dissolution could never be perfect,
and we finally want to stand out, again.

Jui Chitre said...

very true.. ur reponse is so apt.. i think even when we try to dissolve , we actually dont want to.. we just try doing it to realise that we cannot.. identity cannot be lost.. the realisation is bittersweet

Me said...

Hi Jui, the desire to get lost, to drown your own voice sounds so familiar. Like what you write!

Jui Chitre said...

hey Devanshi
thanks..i found ur blog intriguing too.. will read it whenever time permits...its nice to meet likeminded bloggers :)

ether said...


Jui Chitre said...

thanks! :)