Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day of miracles

The rising waves, their sound, the spray, the rain pouring on my car’s window..the day of miracles. The smile..it does a wonder because it is at that unexpected moment. The sun goes golden on the sea at the horizon. Then the golden travels over the waves, all that distance, over those waves, towards the promenade where we stand. It looks like a spotlight on us. As if we are on a stage and the waves are watching us as we stand under the halo.

The sea makes you lonely sometimes when you stand watching it alone. The sea seems beautiful when you watch it with someone. Day of miracles..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I grow up instead

Memory of the giant wheel
Rainbows in my grasp
wind in my wind wheel
My childhood

The fairy in the tale
I grow wings too
claps everybody I know
and everybody I know not
As I dance away

Memory of the knot
Not the pink bow on my frock
The knot in my hungry belly

I do not become a fairy
I grow up instead
The blood droplet
The pin pricks me
as I pin the wing
To your rainbow wind wheel

I grow up instead

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If it was for me..

If it was for me I would become what the lotus leaf is for the dew for you. I would nestle you in my palm like the small newborn bird. I would become the barbed wire that keeps the evil out of your world. I wish the world was reborn for you again. I would turn the time back to the beginning of time. The mirage in the middle of the desert would be me for you, if it was for me. The mirage would win its identity back from the yellow sand then.

If it was for me, I would become the first rain drop to announce the coming of the season for you. I would become the last leaf that autumn sheds. I would be the last leaf that spring bears in your world.

The wave that forms those circles around your feet would be me. The footprints you leave there would be me. The footprints that the wave washes away as you walk your way back home would be me, if it was for me